About Rasch Service

Rasch Service Center was started back in 1944 by Oliver (Ollie) Rasch. He had just returned from duty in WW2 and opened a Mobil Service Station at the corner of Manchester and Berry roads, about 5 miles east of the current location. He and his brother, Fred, ran that shop until Fred moved to Lake Tahoe California and started his own. In 1954, Ollie moved to the current location, a 2 bay shop in Kirkwood, Mo. It is now one of the oldest businesses in the City of Kirkwood.


He sold everything from fuel and repair service to firewood and pumpkins. His main goal was to provide the best service. For example, during the fuel crisis in the mid 70s, when gas lines were very long, he would go up to the shop in the middle of the night, call his customers and have them fill up so they wouldn’t have to wait in line the next day.

He would do whatever it took to make life as easy as possible for his customers.


Oliver had eight kids and just about every one of them worked at the shop, including one of the 3 girls. Upon his retirement in the early 1980s, Terry and Mark Rasch took over the shop. They continued to run it as a Mobil Service until they quit selling gas in the late 1990s. Two bays were added in 1996. The business continued to grow. There was no more space to add on to the existing building, so in April 2006 they bought the shop across the street to give them 4 more bays.

They continue to follow in their fathers footsteps by making customer service, honesty and the commitment to high quality automotive repair their top priority.