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Welcome to Rasch Service.

We are family owned and operated and have been dedicated to bringing quality auto repair to St. Louis since 1944. We offer highly experienced and trained staff, along with a friendly, personal relationship with our customers.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Thank you so much for your extra care and excellent service this past week for all of our family's cars. I appreciate that you gave us a timely appointment, answered all the questions I had and provided an emergency shuttle service. Terry, Kevin, Bonnie, and staff go above and beyond expectations.

  • My wife and I are visiting our daughter, her husband, and their 16 month old daughter in Des Peres this week. I got in my car for the first time all week to run an errand and it wouldn't go, and a wet spot revealed a leak that I now know was transmission fluid. I put some fluid in and made it to Raush Service Center on Manchester just before noon. Kevin, the manager, said he would take a look but didn't have time to fit me in for a repair because they were booked. In 15 minutes or so, he located the problem, two loose fittings from a recent radiator repair, and fixed them and didn't charge me a thing. He sent me to a competitor across the street to have the system flushed and changed, since I had added the wrong fluid. I am headed back to New York State tomorrow morning. Thanks, Kevin, your help was invaluable.

    Terry S.
  • Just wanted to commend you for an awesome job. You had replaced a couple of belts and then it was still squeeling and you asked if the 2005 Santa Fe had been in an accident. It was in 2009--right front end, but it's 2012! You fixed and replaced the alternator and suggested that we contact the insurance company. They came and looked at the alternator you gave me after the repairs and the insurance company talked to you guys. They just dropped off the check reimbursing me totally for the repairs!! Yeah for me for getting the money--but yeah for you for going the extra mile!! This customer is REALLY happy!!!

    Diane B.
  • I rarely take the time to thank people who help deplete my savings account, but I truly couldn't be more thankful for the service you've provided me over my last few visits. After years of searching for a "go to" place, I think I've found it.

  • I have never been dissatisfied! If I wanted to be selfish, I'd say add Saturday hours, but I know how hard you guys work all week. 😀 Kevin and Bonnie are amazing and always give exceptional customer service. Always friendly, the service is completed as promptly as possible and I'm always confident that I've received the best price and not been recommended any unnecessary repairs. Terry, the owner, is exceptionally kind and caring, and it shows in the people he's hired to be part of his team. I love Rasch and will always come back (as long as I'm living in the St. Louis area! :D) The top survey marks should say "Great", rather than just good.

  • Kevin was kind and clearly explained what he did to our van. As a woman I rarely come across a mechanic that treats me with respect, because of Kevin we will continue bringing our vehicles to Rasch.

  • I thank you for doing such a wonderful job taking care of me and my car! You saved me thousands of dollars and who knows how much trouble being stuck out on the highway with a broken car. I heard a noise, brought the car to you, you found the trouble was the transmission. We had a warrantee, so we took it to my Toyota dealer, because it would be covered only if the work were done at a dealership. Dave, at my Toyota dealer, told us if there were a problem with the transmission,they would only replace a broken part, not the entire transmission, and, after leaving it with them for a day, nope, there was no problem with our transmission anyway. I brought it back to Rasch and asked Kevin's advice. He let me talk with the young man who did the analysis on my car, and Kevin explained how they had used a listening device to analyze the problem, even showed me the tool. Kevin called a fellow he knew at another Toyota dealer and offered to lend him the listening device, and assured him that the transmission needed replacing. That Toyota dealer did their analysis, discovered the transmission needed replacing, replaced it, and charged me nothing because of the warrantee. I appreciate you guys taking time to try to explain car things to people like me who do not really understand the workings. I also appreciate having someone I can trust to not charge more than the job is worth. Hugely appreciated is the fact I did not end up on our planned vacation with a broken transmission on the side of a road somewhere in Wyoming!

    Linda H.
  • Dear Kevin, Mike and any other staff who worked on my car and also, Bonnie, for your great sense of humor - so much needed in moments like this. I am so grateful to all of you for hanging in there and seeing to it that my a/c unit was properly functioning at the top of its capability. I want to assure you that your skills and persistence really paid off this time. It is working perfectly - no noises and cool air that is available shortly after I start up the engine. Dan and I are so pleased that we have latched on to excellent and honest mechanics, especially at this time in our lives when the vehicles we currently possess are the ones which we will need to take us to our final driving days. Hopefully, that is not too soon. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thanks so much to all of you. God bless you abundantly.

    Delores and Dan S.
  • For almost 50 years -- multiple generations of my family have relied on Rasch Service. For repairs large and small, advice on purchasing or selling used cars, assorted licensing requirements, and general/preventative maintenance. Initially, it was convenience -- Rasch was a few blocks from where my parents bought their first home together. Over time, a relationship developed -- our family knew we could trust not only the quality of the repairs and the professionalism of the mechanics. We knew we could trust their honesty. Rasch mechanics did not push unnecessary repairs, and for those that could be deferred, they clearly communicated timing and expense considerations. Really, in all areas they deliver value -- I've never felt overcharged. This tradition of excellence has continued with their team today as led by Service Manager Kevin Albrecht, Office Manager Bonnie Brumpton and owner Terry Rasch. For a number of years, I lived across the country, & I missed having the Rasch's to rely on. I had some really terrible (and iteratively expensive) experiences with repair shops. A key reason I finally sold my car and moved into Manhattan from the burbs was that I couldn't find a reliable mechanic. Now, having moved back to St. Louis -- I drive over 30 minutes to come across town whenever my car needs servicing. Most recently, during a routine oil change they uncovered a potentially dangerous problem with a loose wheel bolt. This would not have been found had I gone to some cheapy franchise operation. However, because Rasch goes that extra step to look other things over (at no extra charge) -- I'm driving a safer car today.

    Anna S.
  • I would to send you a note regarding a terrible experience I had recently at another auto repair shop. I went in to have simple front brake service done on my car which turned out to be the worst automotive repair experience of my life. I had to go back three different times in a span of 10 days to have the issue rectified. After the third time, my new brakes continued to squeal. It turns out that this shop did not correctly turn my rotors and furthermore did not use the correct brake pads for my vehicle. After bringing my car to Rasch Service the problem was instantly diagnosed and repaired to the manufacturer's specifications. The staff at Rasch Service is extremely courteous, their pricing competitive and fair, and most of all, the quality of their work is superior. The next time you see and ad for what appears to be a "very good deal" on brake service or any repair service for that matter, keep in mind, you get what you pay for. I have never had an issue with the service at Rasch and they have certainly earned a customer for life.

    Bryan M.

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